Zur Großen Transformation VitaFutur 2050 Vitalität und Zukunftsfähigkeit
Zur Großen Transformation VitaFutur 2050Vitalität und Zukunftsfähigkeit

Compiled Macro-Indices

The Compiled Macro-Indices are published by international authorized Insttutions. Each Macro-Index is individually compiled by an Arrangement of Sub-Indices. The Arrangement, the Selection of Sub-Indices, the type of Scoring are created by Experts. Latest Knowledge from Discussions, Hearings und Studies are intergrated.


Annual Reports offer Analyses and Interpretations to every Country and in Comparison of the Circumstances to outstanding Events and Groupes of Countries.


Everybody can find the Rankings of about 120 to 160 Countries by Internet.

Every Makro-Index has its own arrangement. Who is interested finds firdt Impressions in the following Summeried. Further Detals will be fond in the Reprorts

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