Zur Großen Transformation VitaFutur 2050 Vitalität und Zukunftsfähigkeit
Zur Großen Transformation VitaFutur 2050Vitalität und Zukunftsfähigkeit

My Country, how are you?

United States of America:        0,99

The answer is the Major-Index VitaFutur,

a measure for Venture Option Quality (VOQ)  of a Country

by one figure in the limits of 0 < measure < 2:


0: very bad; 0,5: bad; 1,0: moderate; 1,5: good; 2,0: very good

The Country  Overview

Explanation for "Venture Option Quality" (VOQ) Characteristics

The Country Calculation

  VitaFutur for more Information


There are some more countries.

You may choose another country of your interest; the calculation is easy! You may do it by yourself.

All necessary information is available by internet.


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